Angelic News

January 2018 

Dear parents and children,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for sharing your Christmas joy and love with us in so many thoughtful ways.  We feel loved and appreciated.  God bless you and those you love with an exceptional new year filled with all God’s good gifts!

Littlest Angels Preschool Staff

JUST SAY CHEESE FOR CHRISTMAS!  December 12th was a night to remember! And yes! We did say “CHEESE!” for Christmas in the cutest ways!  What a joy to see the little ones worship in their own delightful ways! Thank you parents for making this evening a priority and for keeping the birthday of JESUS meaningful to you and your child during this special season!

HELPING SAINT NICHOLAS was a huge success!  Thank you all for your generosity and caring hearts!   The children were able to use their helping hands and filled 100 backpacks full of goodies for friends they’ve never met! This is a wonderful hands-on way for children to learn about being compassionate and kind to others!

Our “COOKIE VIRTUE “ this month is POLITE!  “Polite means, Excuse me, can you please pass the cookies?  Thank you!”  The old saying that children are like little sponges is true; they tend to soak up everything and every influence around them.  Manners and politeness need to be taught, shown, and reinforced by parents and other adults who interact with children.  And for sure, a good amount of patience is always necessary!

I CARE CAT!  This month we’ll be learning that we are all precious!  Even though we don’t look the same on the outside we are all the same on the inside! We will have a chance to talk about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his dream of peace for the whole world.  Try to catch your child being peaceful, listening to a friend, using helping hands, or using I Care Language.  Let them know you noticed.  Your positive reinforcement will inspire them to try even harder!  We all need cheerleaders you know!  Rule #3 is …We use I-Care Language.

Today is January 2nd.  This past year I was reminded again, that the gift our good God gives us is the gift of each new day.  We are not promised a whole new year.  I try to think in terms of each day’s resolutions (purposes, determinations). Each day is precious and I want to make each day the best that it can be!  I may not be able to change the world but I can change my little corner of the world. So can you and you and you! Just think, if each person in your home, your neighborhood, your city, your state and your country did their very best to change their respective corners of the world, what a wonderful world it would be!  My little corner of the world is often filled with precious little children.  I am well aware of their needs and wants.  Love.  Special moments.  Affection. Quiet time with those they love. Fun and play.  To be listened to with someone’s full attention. To be acknowledged.  To be in a warm, friendly, safe and caring environment.  Come to think of it these needs and wants are for all of us –no matter what age!

Have a happy, happy New Year…one day at a time!

Kathy Stinson, Director