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  1/15/2017 The Lamb of God

Last week we looked at the baptism of Jesus and saw how God uses people, sinful people, as the vessels and participants in God’s plan of salvation. Immediately following this moment, John returns to his position of prophet. He is the one who proclaims to the entire world that Jesus is the Messiah. The Lamb of God is the one promised to Abraham when Isaac was spared. The Lamb of God is the one sacrificed so that blood will allow the angel of death to Passover the Israelites. The Lamb of God is Jesus, who fulfills all prophecy.

Epiphany 2017 Pastor Jon Coyne
  10/30/2016 Into the 500th Year

As we enter the 500th year since the Reformation and hurtle toward the anniversary itself and the celebrations being planned, there are many times when I wonder if Luther would be happy with the church bodies bearing his name. In fact, the mere naming of the church as Lutheran is one of the things I wonder about. Luther wanted to reform the church – not change the name of the church. We are Christians, called to be one in Christ. Today we will consider what that looks like from God’s point of view.

Pentecost (May 15) Pastor Jon Coyne
  5/8/2016 A Mother’s Prayer, Jesus’ Prayer

Jesus comes so that all people might know the love and forgiveness of God which will lead to heaven. However, Jesus also prays for the unity of all people and for the faith of all people. In many ways this has been the prayer of women who are biologically, socially, and emotionally mothers for the whole world. It is more likely that women pray and when the pray is seems more likely that the prayer is for faith and unity. Jesus provides us with the prayer of and points us to a love which is for all people. Today we will recognize that we honor Jesus when we pray his prayer.

Easter (March 27 - May 8) Pastor Jon Coyne
  5/3/2016 How Does the World Give?

Jesus says, “I do not give to you as the world gives.” This creates the question in our mind, how does the world give? In order to understand this, we should first look at a story of how God gives, the surprising, fulfilling, and amazing ways God gives to us. Then we will be able to understand that this is completely different from the way the world gives.

Pastor Mike Lange
  4/24/2016 What Was The Old Commandment?

Jesus is about to leave his disciples and tells them that he is giving them a new commandment. The commandment seems simple – “love one another”. However, the commandment is not so simple as it seems. What was the old commandment? Was it easier to follow? Today we will consider the old and new commandments to see how Jesus changes everything in our lives.

Easter (March 27 - May 8) Pastor Jon Coyne
  4/17/2016 Christ Would Make Us Believe; We Make Ourselves Doubt

The title for this morning’s message comes from a commentary on John’s Gospel written over 100 years ago. It was true then as today because it is always the case with us weak and doubtful human beings. The reason is this: if Jesus IS the Messiah, if he IS the Good Shepherd, then there is no other, and all others who claim to be so, and all ideas and philosophies that claim otherwise are lies. It’s this exclusive claim of Jesus’ that is the reason we “make ourselves doubt.” We wish there were some other way that fit us better that we could walk, but the Good Shepherd will lead us only in His way because His way alone is the way of life.

Easter (March 27 - May 8) Pastor Jon Coyne
  4/10/2016 Jumping in the Water? Or Dragging in the Fish?

Peter realizes that Jesus is near and gets very excited. He jumps into the water fully clothed and swims away from the boat and the fish in order to see Jesus again. However, the other disciples continued to bring the boat ashore and pulled the fish with them. The fish were ultimately part of breakfast which Jesus has been preparing by making a fire into coals. Today we will consider how God still calls people to different activities and purposes, but how each are important in the Kingdom.

Easter (March 27 - May 8) Pastor Tom Norris
  4/3/2016 Believing in What We See, Along With What We Do Not

Often we feel that we need to be the blessed people who “have not seen and yet have come to believe.” Yet, God provides us with numerous things we CAN see which help us to believe in God. Today we will consider some of the things we can see which not only point us to God, but lead us to the ability to believe in the things we cannot see.

Easter (March 27 - May 8) Pastor Jon Coyne
  3/27/2016 What’s Missing from the Resurrection Stories?

Today we hear again the story of Jesus’ resurrection – the foundation of Christian faith. But there’s something conspicuously missing from all of the resurrection accounts that we unconsciously add to them; and in doing so we may mute the message of the day. Today we’ll consider what is a part of the resurrection accounts – and what isn’t – and find again the central meaning of Jesus’ resurrection.

Easter (March 27 - May 8) Pastor Tom Norris
  3/13/2016 Generous of Jealous

The generosity of Mary is clear when she uses an expensive gift of perfume to anoint Jesus in response to the raising of her brother Lazarus. In hindsight, we can also see that this anointing is appropriate as the King of kings gives his life as a ransom for all people. However, Judas is jealous of the gift. It is not so much that he wants the perfume poured upon himself. It is either that he wants the money or maybe that he just wants control of the money which is just as good. Today we will look at what it meant to be generous with God rather than jealous of God’s gifts.

Lent ( Feb. 14 - Mar. 13) Pastor Jon Coyne
  10/4/2015 Confident in Christ

This passage from the Gospel of John is often read at funerals and memorial services because it provides hope in the midst of great sorrow. Today we will consider how this passage also creates confidence for us in our life, not just in the time of death. When we know Jesus, we know the Father. When we know the Father, we know the way to heaven. When we have the gift of heaven, we can be confident in this life and the next.

Pentecost (May 24 - October 18, 2015) Pastor Jon Coyne
  8/16/2015 Christian

What does it mean to be a “Christian?” Is it someone who belongs to a church? Someone who tries to live a good life? From Jesus’ own teaching, and from the earliest days of the church, it meant one thing: one who follows Jesus.

Pentecost (May 24 - October 18, 2015) Pastor Tom Norris
6/7/2015 Word

Our ears are filled with words every day. Some of those words are important or helpful. Many are unimportant or irrelevant. Others are downright wrong or a lie. IF we’re going to use words to communicate our faith in God, those words need to be used in the way they’re intended… and they need to be rooted in the One who is the Word of God: Jesus.

Pentecost (May 24 - October 18, 2015) Pastor Jon Coyne
5/31/2015 To Believe

More than any other scripture passage, John 3:16 is flashed, memorized, posterized (not a word except to basketball fans), and repeated in the media, in church, and in our minds. The brief passage hinges on two concepts: God’s love and our belief or faith. Today we will consider what it means to believe. We will think about what it means to have faith that only God can give to us. We will consider also the words of a parent in Mark 9, who is confronted with his sick son meeting God’s Son, and proclaims, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

Pentecost (May 24 - October 18, 2015) Pastor Jon Coyne
5/24/2015 The Spirit of Truth

Jesus tells his disciples and all of us “it is to your advantage that I go away…” I have never been able to automatically and naturally assent to that statement. Having Jesus around, every day, seems like a pretty good deal and a great way to live my life. Clearly, the disciples were not happy about the prospect of Jesus leaving. How many times do we think we know what is best in our lives, think we know the right path, think we are unhappy, disappointed, or angry when really God has a plan for us and “it is to our advantage” that God is in charge of the plan?

Pentecost (May 24 - October 18, 2015) Pastor Jon Coyne
5/17/2015 Not of this World

It is never easy to feel isolated or distanced from other people. There is a deep human need to be accepted and feel integrated into the culture of friends and neighbors. At the same time, there is a spiritual battle which rages in our world. Satan wants all people to be separated from God and will use any means possible to accomplish this goal. In contrast, God will only use love, the sacrificial gift of Jesus Christ, to accomplish the goal of bringing all people in the Kingdom of Heaven. Today we will consider the importance of this goal and how Jesus enlightens us through prayer.

Easter Pastor Jon Coyne
3/22/2015 A Troubled Soul Responds…Mercifully

When Jesus says, “Now my soul is troubled,” we might be tempted to skip over this part of the Bible as quickly as possible. We want to think of Jesus as confident and secure. We want him to be a fearless leader. We want Jesus to show power more than compassion. However, there are good reasons for Jesus to feel troubled for creation. Helping the disciples and followers understand his journey is both important and impossible. They cannot accept the path of Jesus until after it has happened, yet their eternal lives rest in the reality of a journey only Jesus can see and accept.

Lent (February 22 - March 22) Pastor Jon Coyne
3/15/2015 Solve for n

Many people today have difficulty with the Christian teaching that Jesus is the way to salvation and life with God. After all, they reason there are many other religions in the world, and it seems arrogant to claim that Christians have some special access to God prohibited to adherents of other religions. Today’s Gospel lesson, a foundational text regarding God’s love and salvation, helps to answer that charge, and shows a hope for all people beyond any expectation.

Lent (February 22 - March 22) Pastor Tom Norris
10/26/2014 Only Jesus Sets Us Free

It may seem overused to say only Jesus set us free, but there are so many ways we can be fooled into believing that we have power to create our own salvation. While this was a great problem in the time of Luther, the form of the problem has changed over the centuries. What do we have in common with the Israelites of Jesus’ time and the church leaders at the time of Luther? More importantly how do we keep our focus on the one who truly has power to give us and ensure our salvation?

Reformation Pastor Jon Coyne
1/19/2014 A Lamp in the Darkness

A Lamp in the Darkness (John 1:29-42) - In times of temptation and spiritual confusion, where do you find the faithful way forward? In today’s Gospel lesson, John's words point the way.

Epiphany (January 12 - 26, 2014) Pastor Tom Norris