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  9/3/2017 The Path of the Cross

Jesus tells the disciples that he is going down a path which will lead to his humiliating death, but will also bring eternal life to all people. Peter says, “God forbid” because he is focused on the loss rather than the sacrificial gift. St. Paul lays out the path of the cross in ways which are applicable to our lives. We will find that they are not only impossible for us, but as Christians we often ignore some of the direction, just like Peter. Today we will consider how we are blessed to follow Jesus on this path.

Pentecost 2017 Pastor Jon Coyne
  8/27/2017 Body, Mind, and Spirit

Faith as Jesus describes it is impossible for us to create on our own. On our own, we can’t put our needs of body, mind, and spirit aside in order to devote ourselves fully to the one who is Life and Truth. And yet we humans long for just that. In today’s lesson, St Paul speaks to those in whom the Spirit of Life has created faith in Jesus to give us direction, confidence, hope to devote ourself to Jesus in body, mind, and spirit.

Pentecost 2017 Pastor Tom Norris
  6/18/2017 Jesus Dies for Powerless Sinners

We do not like to think of ourselves as powerless. At the same time, we recognize that our all-powerful God sent Jesus to rescue us from our time where we were both caught up in our sinfulness and powerless to help ourselves. Today we will consider both the hopeless feelings and the joy we share in Christ.

Pentecost 2017 Pastor Jon Coyne
  3/19/2017 Against All Hope, Yet in Hope

Year after year Abraham waited. God had promised him a son, but year after year the promise went unfulfilled. Tested, tempted to doubt, his faith regularly tired. Yet Abraham hoped in the One who had made the promise. Not only is Abraham the “father of all who believe,” he’s also the one whose patient faith models our hope when no fulfillment of God’s promise seems in sight.

Lent 2017 Pastor Tom Norris
  5/22/2016 We Glory in Our Sufferings

By nature, humans try to avoid suffering; yet suffering comes to all. But faith in the Triune God changes the meaning of our suffering. We aren’t suffering because we’re being punished. We aren’t suffering because God doesn’t care. We aren’t suffering because we’re being toyed with. In today’s lesson, St. Paul reminds us that faith changes how we understand our suffering… and gives us hope as we suffer.

Pentecost (May 15) Pastor Tom Norris
7/19/2015 Confess

Christian worship services regularly include a “Confession.” Well, actually, they include two. They include a confession of sins and a confession of faith… weird? Only unless you understand what the word means: “I agree.”

Pentecost (May 24 - October 18, 2015) Pastor Tom Norris
8/31/2014 Love is Hard to Accomplish

Love is Hard to Accomplish (Romans 12:9-21) God loves us in the moments when we feel the least able to accept love…and we are VERY grateful. God loves us when we feel we have done horrible things to others…and we are VERY relieved. When it comes to extending the same love to other people, why is it VERY hard to do? Today we will consider a passage from Romans which is the basis for the words we share at the end of each worship service. We will consider the life God calls us to live and how we can overcome the struggles to live a life filled with God’s grace and mercy.

Pentecost (June 22 - November 23, 2014) Pastor Jon Coyne
7/27/2014 Spiritual Prayer

Spiritual Prayer (Romans 8:26-39) Even after we have been saved by God’s Grace with no effort or merit of our own, we still try to “do something” for our salvation. Prayer is one of those places where we tend to want to “take control” and do more than we can in our conversation with God. St. Paul shares an insight which is only available by God’s inspiration through His writer. “…the Spirit intercedes with sighs too deep for words.” Today we will consider what this means for our life and our prayers.

Pentecost (June 22 - November 23, 2014) Pastor Jon Coyne
7/20/2014 Ugh! There is Surely Something More!

Ugh! There is Surely Something Better! (Romans 8:12-25) The moans and groans of life can overwhelm. Christians are not immune from this feeling, nor is creation itself. Yet, we have hope about God’s future. We are living in the “time between.” We know what Jesus has done, what he has done to us, and what he will do in the future. This impacts how we live.

Pentecost (June 22 - November 23, 2014) Pastor John Glover
7/13/2014 Spiritual but Not Religious

Spiritual but Not Religious (Romans 8:1-11) People who label themselves as Spiritual but Not Religious tend to stay away from the institution of the church. After reading the words of St. Paul, we are compelled to wonder how the church has become a place that does not seem spiritual to some. Today we will consider the story of a man whose church is filled with people who all have the same job – they are all umpires. We will consider our spiritual calling to share the message of Jesus, God’s seed, with all people.

Pentecost (June 22 - November 23, 2014) Pastor Jon Coyne
7/6/2014 Trapped by Sin? Jesus delivers.

Trapped by Sin? Jesus delivers. (Romans 7:15-25a and Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30) After reading the words of St. Paul, we should be convinced we are trapped by sin whenever we try to rely on our own abilities or strength. St. Paul ends this passage with an exclamation of utter despondency recognizing that he cannot win the battle on his own. Jesus helps his disciples see that even a messenger of God, John the Baptist, and Jesus, God's Son, will be disparaged by the views of sinful people. However, both end with a promise thatJesus delivers salvation to us. Today we will consider what this means as people govern one another.

Pentecost (June 22 - November 23, 2014) Pastor Jon Coyne
6/22/2014 Alive in the Love of Christ

Alive in the Love of Christ (Romans 6:1-11) St. Paul challenges "count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus." Today we will consider what this means by looking at the meaning of the word sin and the revelation we have of God in the form of Jesus.

Pentecost (June 22 - November 23, 2014) Pastor Jon Coyne