Little Bears

October 2017

Pumpkin, pumpkin, I’ve been thinking,
You’re the finest one I’ve seen.
Soon you’ll be a Jack-O-Lantern,
All lit up for Halloween! 

Autumn greetings to all our families!  We had a very good beginning to our new school year.  Adjustments are going well and the children are learning our daily routine quickly!  Our circus theme in September was a winner!  The children really had a fun time!

This month we’ll be discovering many things about the colorful season of fall and all of the changes that it brings.  We’ll also learn about the delightful time of dress-up and pretend play as we celebrate Halloween.  We will be decorating our classroom with cats, bats, spiders and pumpkins!

Our letters are D, E, F, and G.  Our virtue is PATIENT.

Enjoy this beautiful season of fall!
Teacher Ana and Teacher Amanda