Angelic News

April 2019 


At Littlest Angels this month we will be focusing on HONESTY.  This is no easy task when you work with young children!  Preschool age children can come up with some pretty amazing stories, that are often real to them.  That’s because they are still learning what is reality and what is fantasy.  Their stories are a result of their imagination working overtime.  As children mature their tall tales are the result of something other than an overactive imagination.  They are usually trying to avoid getting into trouble; they really want something to be real; or they desire to truly impress someone.   

It is so easy to tell a lie. It takes lots of courage to tell the truth sometimes-for anyone- at any age.  Telling the truth doesn’t come naturally, so it is our responsibility to teach our children.

Here are a few simple tips for how to teach and encourage children to be honest!

  1. Talk often with your child about how much you value honesty. Honesty builds trust and lasting relationships.
  2. Reward the truth: it’s important to respond in a positive manner when a child tells the truth. If you respond only with anger and punishments your child will not want to tell the truth.  Often lies are told out of fear of getting into trouble. Don’t overact to their mistakes.  Explain that you will always love them even if they do something wrong, but that you expect them to be honest and tell you the truth. 
  3. Always set a good example. Just be honest! Your word is precious to your child.  Don’t make a promise you cannot keep. You are the role-model for your children.
  4. In your home try to create an open environment where there are no secrets, and everyone feels comfortable telling the truth because there is no fear involved with doing so. Let it be a place where the truth can easily be told because compassion and fairness verses anger and threats thrive in your home.

“Lies will get any man into trouble, but honesty is its own defense.  Telling the truth gives a man great satisfaction and hard work returns many blessings to him.”  Proverbs 12:13, 14  (TLB)

Have a blessed Easter!
Katie O’Malley, Director