Angelic News

November 2018 

Let’s be Helpful!

Our Bucket Filler virtue for the month of November is Helpful! All the classes will be discussing how being helpful can fill other people’s buckets. Being helpful can also fill our own buckets! This month you can help your child learn how wonderful being helpful is and how wonderful it feels. Let them help you load the washing machine, unload the dryer, dust some furniture, make the beds, sweep the floor, or make breakfast. There are so many ways children can help us if we take the time to let them. It’s true that it is often easier for us to just do the chore and get it over with. It definitely takes more time and patience to complete a task when you have a little one helping you. But that little bit of extra time and patience will pay off in a big way! Allowing your child to help you shows them that small hands can be big helpers! In the extra ten minutes, it takes them to complete the task that would have only taken you five, you are empowering your child. They may not do the jobs they help with perfectly but thanking them for their effort and willingness to help will fill everyone’s buckets!

In November Littlest Angels will also be helping to bring the spirit of Christmas to some families from a Redwood City elementary school! We are calling the program Family Giving Tree – From: Families To: Families. More information and ways you can help these families will be coming soon. This wonderful event helps families in our community while teaching our students that the joy of Christmas is found when we give to others.

Wishing you all a very blessed Thanksgiving!

Katie O’Malley, Director