Little Tigers

October 2017

Hello Little Tiger families – we are off to a grrrreat year!  The class loves to recite our September poem, love singing “It’s PreK!” they look forward to adding another cookie to our 100 Days of School and they work hard at earning links for our virtue chain.

Thank you all for coming to our Open House Days in early September—every one of our families attended!  That shows your children how important their classroom is.

We have already begun our Handwriting Without Tears program.  We have worked on the letters L and F.  This month we will work on E, H, T, and I.  Our colors will be yellow and purple.  Our shape will be a rectangle.  The virtue for October is PATIENT- something we’re practicing multiple times a day!

Our OCTOBER poem will be:  AUTUMN CHEER

I love all the seasons,
But autumn is the best!
Let’s put on our sweaters,
Now we are all dressed.
In the leaves we love to play,
And this is what we hear;
Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch!
That’s this season’s cheer!

We hope to see you all at Back-to-School Night!

Teacher Robin and Teacher Bettina