Growing Tigers

November 2021

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The Little Tigers had a great month celebrating fall and Thanksgiving. We continued to watch the deterioration and mold of our Pumpkin Jack! This was very exciting to view each and every day. We finally deposited him in the compost bin and we’re all very excited to know who’s garden he’s going to regrow in!

Our color was yellow; our shape was a rectangle; our letters were U, C, O; our number was three.

Our poem was titled “Autumn Cheer”

I love all the seasons,
But autumn is the best.
Let’s put on our sweaters,
Now we are all dressed.
In the leaves we love to play,
And this is what we hear, Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, That’s this seasons cheer.

Two of our favorite books this month have been The Scarecrow by Beth Ferry and Sharing a Smile by Nicki Kramar.  This book was about a little girl name Sophie whose world changed when she had to begin wearing masks. Each of us were really able to relate to this book. 

A little preschool humor….. The children learned that underwear begins with the letter U - this caused a room full of laughter every day we practiced words that begin with U.

We hope you had a blessed month. 
Teacher Robin and Teacher Katie C.