Growing Tigers

October 2021

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Fall is here! We are loving the cooler weather.  Our theme for October has been Bugs and Halloween. Our color is brown and our shape is an oval. Our letters are E, H, T and I. Our number is two and our virtue is Listen. 

Our poem this month is

“Pumpkin, Pumpkin”

Pumpkin, pumpkin
Big and round
Pumpkin, pumpkin
On the ground.
With my finger
I will trace
Smile upon
Your orange face. 

Have your children been coming home and telling you about our science projects? We learned how to tell if an egg is raw versus hard boiled. A raw egg will only wobble and not spin around real fast. A boiled egg becomes solid inside and it spins like crazy!

A few of our favorite books this month have been “Halloween Good Night” by Rebecca Grabill, “Trick or Treat” by Tracy C. Gold and Pumpkin Jack by Will Hubbell. Ask your child about the science experiment we did after reading Pumpkin Jack.

Happy Fall!
Teacher Robin and Teacher Katie C.