What We Believe

We believe that God has called us to share the Good News of Jesus with all people.

We are excited by the opportunity to share God’s love peace and joy in the following ways:

  • We will allocate our financial, staff, and volunteer resources to programs and services that promote the Gospel of Christ, nurturing of souls, and healing of suffering in our midst, in our community, and worldwide.
  • We will empower members, groups, and other organizations proposing the kinds of programs and services noted above.
  • We will have an attractive physical plant that will be welcoming to people.
  • We will love and welcome our guests by greeting them warmly, inviting them into our conversations, and sharing with our new friends information about our church.
  • We recognize that people who are new to our church or new to the faith may have different needs and ideas. We will gently and lovingly teach and care for our new friends.
  • We will actively look for new opportunities to share our faith - in, with, and through community activities.

We believe that God calls us to celebrate, give thanks and praise as we proclaim the Good News in worship.

  • Worship services will be exciting and interesting for all people in attendance.
  • Worship services will utilize a variety of styles, instruments, songs, and forms in order to reach all people with God’s Word.
  • We will proclaim the Word of God in truth through preaching, teaching, and worship.
  • Music is an important part of our worship services. We will strive for uplifting music involving all ages of God’s people.
  • Worship will be child, family, and adult friendly.

We believe that Bethany Lutheran Church should be a healthy family of people who nurture one another, and our guests.

We will nurture one another in many ways, including:

  • We will emphasize programs for all ages that help build a strong personal relationship with God and with other people.
  • We will provide activities and opportunities that meet the needs of individuals and families in the church.
  • Recognizing that families exist in many shapes and sizes, we will strive to help families grow in love toward God and each other.