Busy Bees

February 2022

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Love has been in the air for the Busy Bees class. The children had so much fun decorating hearts and making special keepsake roses and picture frames for you. The Valentine parties were a big hit having cupid punch and yummy cupcakes. The Busy Bees learned about waiting their turn when handing out their Valentines to each other. And they did an awesome job!!!

One of my favorite themes to teach is Nursery Rhymes. We will try and put Humpty Dumpty back together again, watch the Itsy Bitsy spider climb the water spout and find Little Bo Peeps sheep. We’ll all take turns trying to jump over Jack’s Candlestick and so much more. The children will learn how to sequence a nursery rhyme by arranging 3 pictures in the correct order.

Our shape this month is the heart, our color is pink, the virtue is sharing and our letters are E, F and G

Our Heart shape Poem is:

 Harry Heart is my name.
The shape I make is my fame.
With a point on the bottom and
Two curves on top,
When it comes to love,
I just can’t stop!

Here are some books we enjoyed:

The Day it Rained Hearts
Who Will Be My Valentine?
Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day is Cool
Llama Lama I Love You
The Night Before Valentine’s Day

Thank You!
Teacher Lori, Teacher Yash & Teacher Lisa


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