Busy Bees

March 2022

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March has been a busy month in the Busy Bees class. The children had fun learning about community helpers and what kind of jobs they have. There are Teachers, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Construction Workers and Doctors to name a few. We also learned that a doctor that takes care of children is called a Pediatrician. The Busy Bees also learned about things that provide transportation, like, cars, trains, the bus and airplanes.

Lucky the Leprechaun came and visited us on St. Patrick’s Day and brought fun treats. 

Our theme for the Week of the Young Child was Colors and Community. The children had fun painting globe flower pots, painting coffee filter flowers, making necklaces and so much more.

Our theme for the last week of March is Spring/ Easter. We will be decorating eggs, bunnies, chicks and Easter baskets.

Our color this month is green, our shape is an oval, our letters are F, G, H and I and our virtue is Kindness.

Our shape poem is:

I am Ollie Oval.

 A football shape is mine.

 Some people think that I’m

An egg but I think I look fine!


Happy Spring!
Teacher Lori, Teacher Yash & Teacher Lisa


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