Little Bears

September - October 2021

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There are pigs that oink, gentle cows that say “Moo, moo”
Wooly sheep say “Baa” and chickens say cluck, cluck too.
All the animals we see that live down on the farm say hello to you!

We had a great start to the new school year!  The Little Bears seem to be adjusting very well to our daily routine.  Teacher Elizabeth and I are sure enjoying getting to know all our special friends!!

We had a great time learning all about Farm Life and Harvest.  Some fun facts that the children have learned are:  Corn is planted in the springtime and harvested in the fall every year.  Sometimes corn stalks can grow to be more than 20 feet high. Goats and sheep don’t have teeth on their upper jaw.  Cows can recognize their name.  Ducks’ feathers are waterproof.

Some of the books we have read are: “Spots, Feathers and Curly Tails” “I Love Animals”, “The Apple Pie Tree”, “Don’t Wake the Beastie!”, “Mary had a Little Lamb”, “Ten Apples Up On Top!” and “I’m a Seed”.

In the month of September, we worked on:
Letter: A, B, and C
Color: Red
Shape: Square
Virtue: Helpful

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for socially distancing during drop off and pick up time. I wish we did not have to keep these times to such brief interactions but is important we all follow the guidelines to keep each other safe.

My time is limited but I am happy to connect via e-mail at or set up a 10 to 15 minute phone call to check in. Please send me an e-mail and I will e-mail you times and dates I am available. I would like to thank you again for entrusting us with the care and education of your children.

God Bless!
Teacher Ana and Teacher Elizabeth